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The Greymouth Motorcycle Street Race was first held on Labour Weekend 1989 and was part of Octoberfest initiated by the Greymouth Businessman's Association and service groups. It's aim was to encourage visitors back into Greymouth after the devastating floods which hit Greymouth in May and September of 1988. Early events were run with the help of many clubs with proceeds given to various charities. This philosophy has not changed with proceeds now going to all the local clubs and groups that volunteer their services every labour weekend to make the Greymouth Motorcycle Street Race a successful annual event. Around 120 people get up at 5am and work hard on behalf of their club or chosen charity with over $13,000 returned to the community last year.

Role of Honour...

28 Years of History - 1989 - 2017

 In 1989 it was never the intention to have prizes or awards at the Greymouth Motorcycle Street Race. The reward was to have fun and enjoy the ride, however as time went on sponsored trophys were donated by various groups and individuals.

Results and Awards

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